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Laoting fruit and vegetable Co Ltd was founded in 2008 the company mainly in the production of quick frozen fruit and vegetable products food raw materials cooked frozen corn grain food raw materials cooked frozen peas food processing enterprises for the main business of the company is located in Leting City Tangshan City County Hebei Province industrial gathering area Covers an area of more than 20 thousand square meters construction area of 8200 square meters fixed assets of 11 million yuan the quick frozen capacity of 60 tons day Refrigeration capacity 15000 tons It is 60 kilometers from Tangshan and 260 kilometers from Beijing The transportation is convenient and the environment is...

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Frozen Sweet Corn Kernels

IQF Frozen Corn Kernels Frozen Sweet Corn Kernels Calories Best Price IQF Frozen Super Sweet Corn Kernels Yellow Ball Dices Particle Frozen Sweet Corn Kernels Store IQF Frozen Sweet Corn Kernel Non-GMO IQF Frozen Sweet Corn Kernels IQF Frozen Sweet Corn Kernels Healthy Frozen Sweet Corn Kernels Frozen Sweet Corn Nutrition Frozen Sweet Corn Kernels in Crock Pot Yellow Frozen Corn Nutrition Frozen Sweet Corn Kernels Recipes Side Dish Frozen Sweet Corn Kernels Health Benefits Of Corn Seasoning For Frozen Sweet Corn Kernels Sweet Frozen Corn Kernels Calories Frozen Cauliflower Pizza Crust Best Sales Good Quality IQF Frozen Sweet Corn 

Frozen Green Peas

Wholesale Bulk Frozen Green Peas Top Quality Frozen Green Peas for Exporting Instant Quick Frozen Green Peas New Crop Frozen Green Peas Frozen Green Peas with Good Price Passed HACCP Grade A Frozen Green Peas Frozen Green Peas with Hot Price Frozen Green Peas Rich in High Quality Protein Refreshing Health Frozen Green Peas Frozen Green Peas Good for You Frozen Green Peas Benefits Frozen Green Peas Fiber Frozen Green Pea Hummus Weight Loss Good Food Frozen Green Peas Time-saving Frozen Green Peas Whole Foods Frozen Green Peas Frozen Green Peas Nutrition green mashed peas Nutritional Value Of Grean peas Great Value Green Peas 

Frozen Mixed Vegetables

Healthy Frozen Mixed Vegetables IQF Frozen Mixed Vegetables NON-GMO IQF Frozen Mixed Vegetales New Crop Frozen Mixed Vegetables Good Frozen Mixed Vegetables Dilicious IQF Frozen Mixed Vegetables OEM Custom Frozen Mixed Vegetables IQF Frozen mixed vegetables A grade Frozen Green Peas With Diced Carrots Soup Recipe Frozen Green Pea with Sweet Corn Frozen Mixed Vegetables Processing IQF Grade A Frozen Mixed Vegetables Custom DIY Frozen Mixed Vegetables Frozen Mixed Vegetable for Exporting IQF Frozen Mixed Vegetables with Competitive Price Frozen Mixed Vegatbles How to Cook Great Value Frozen Mixed Vegetables Steaming Frozen Mixed Vegetables Frozen Mixed Vegetables Nutrition Facts Fresh Frozen Mixed Vegetables 

Frozen Diced Carrots

Best Price Frozen Diced Carrots IQF Frozen Super Diced Carrots Organic Frozen Diced Carrots IQF Fresh Frozen Carrot Dice Bulk Wholesale Frozen Carrot Dice Quick Freezing IQF Carrot Diced Fresh IQF Diced Carrot Frozen Type Whole Foods Frozen Carrots Frozen Carrots Buy Online Frozen Carrots Processing Plant Best Way To Cook Carrots Good Way To Cook Carrots Great Value Frozen Diced Carrots Benefits Of Snap Carrots 

Frozen Cauliflower

IQF Fresh Frozen Cauliflower Processing and Characteristics of Cauliflower Advantage of Frozen Cauliflower The Role of Cauliflower in Medicine Calories In Frozen Cauliflower Frozen Stir Fry Cauliflower Cooking Frozen Best Cauliflower Best Frozen Cauliflower Nutrition 

Frozen Broccoli

Pretreatment of Broccoli with Lyophilization Different Practices of Freezing Broccoli Storage Preservation of Frozen Broccoli Effect and Function of Frozen Broccoli Market Value of Frozen Broccoli Processing of Delicious Cauliflower Introduction of Frozen Cauliflower The Efficacy And Function Of Broccoli Frozen Broccoli Nutritional Benefits Frozen Green Broccoli Calories 

Frozen Edamame

Quick Freezing Green Edamame Cooling of Frozen Edamame Packaging and Refrigeration of Edamame Advantage of Frozen Edamame Quick Freezing Technology of Edamame Calories In Frozen Edamame Seasoning For Frozen Edamame 

Frozen Green Beans

Wholesale IQF Frozen Green Edamame Frozen IQF Green Bean Cuts Frozen Green Beans Health Frozen Green Beans with Lowest Price Frozen Green Beans with Competitive Price Frozen Green Beans Buy Online Healthy Export Green Beans Frozen Green Beans For Soup Calories In Frozen Green Beans 

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